CNY 2018

Hello! I’m trying to update here again since it seems like dayre is going to close down for good…

Things are pretty exciting as we would be collecting our keys for our new flat tomorrow!!!!

Managed to prepare all the necessary stuff when we collect our keys. After a long wait, things are getting real!

went home to see the boys. Haha. Look at them preying on my sister’s food. Hehe

Just sharing some photos from CNY. hey doggy! Hahaha. Such big and cute fluffs.

My first reunion dinner as a missus. Hehe. Helped cook reunion dinner with my MIL. We cooked so much! Hahaha. But it was fun and memorable 😊


Tonight I am thankful.

Life isn't always how u pictured it. But i am learning to be contented and thankful. 👍🏼

We are collecting the keys to our love nest tomorrow! Hahaha. Wow it's been a long wait.

I still feel very lost as to where to purchase everything????


Thanks lovely husband for changing the bedsheets and walking the boys in the evening so I could get in a nap and get started on my freeletics workout. Hahahah

Damn chui now. Fitness is pretty bad.

Well, the husband has complained so I better get MOVING.

GYG for lunch. It was huge.

I went for the veggie burrito bowl. Trying to eat less meat cos the next few days gnna be eat eat eat.

The onions were abit much tho. I ate half and the other half 2 hours later. Lol. The habenero sauce was flaming HOT. But nice. Hehe.

Their nachos are still the best tho.

Stuffed for dinner. Wanted to go for the veggie bowl but it's the same price as the chicken… So forget it. Just eat chicken. Lol.

I ate ALOT of black beans today 🙊

Why does nice food need to be so expensive leh?? I have been spending way more on food than I used to. Hahah. Cos now also less dinners at home. Hehe.

Hello again WordPress

Never thought I would be back here again but it’s nice to come back to a familiar space.

I’ll be posting alot more here after the shutting down of Dayre. No doubt it’s a little less private but I still need a space for my thoughts and memories 😌

Packing oranges for the blocks we were going to visit the next day. So glad for the help. I only have 3 people coming to help. But I ended up with 12. God is good!

Distribution day with friends. Haha.

Thank God for His Providence. I don’t know how long more I can sustain this outreach but imma take one step at a time.

In the mean time, happy working Monday! I’m so hungry right now. Gotta wait for lunch time to nom. Hehee.

On a side note, the interface of WordPress is so much better to use!!!!

Running on 4 hours of sleep. Day work after night work.

Was stressed and tired which led to me eating more than I should. Hahahha.

First time having the large makisan 😛 it was quite good. But alot of rice. Hehe.

I am ashamed to say that while on the way to makisan I was so hungry that I walked into Popeyes to buy their mashpotato and finished it before I even reached makisan. Lol. Gluttony at its best.

I then proceeded to buy koi. Almost went for the large cup.


Back at our regular Thai food joint. Today's food was on point and we finished EVERYTHING. There was also veggies and basil chicken. Haha.

Ytd I ordered 3 mains for the 2 of us. And they lady double confirmed with me if I wanted 3 mains 🤔

CNY is coming. More eating 🙊

Goodbye Dayre

Super sad that this platform is closing down!

I thought I'll be able to document our house Reno journey. 😭

But oh wells. I guess I will be able to save on my data usage.

The next question is.. Should I back up my old posts??

Our ID/Contractor hunt journey…

We've been searching for a month or so. And we've narrowed down to a contractor. Hahha.

And on the same day we decided, we also got notice to collect our keys 👍🏼

Wow after 3 years or so of waiting, we are gnna be HOME OWNERS.

What's interesting is that he refutes/goes against what many homeowners are going for nowadays.

Today I asked him if they use Blum Mechanisms for their drawers. Cos everyone wants soft closing.

He said they don't use Blum. Because.

1. They are expensive
2. It's only for those who have too much money and don't know where to spend it. Ie. Really rich people
3. There are other commercial grade soft closing mechanisms that are non-blum which are cheaper/just as good.
4. Blum offers IDs/contractors commission for selling their product 😏 NO WONDER it's so expensive also 😳

Funny enough, he also recommended IKEA for some table top counters and stuff. Even tho he has his own carpentry workshop.

I know right. Like isnt everyone saying that IKEA IS LOUSY??

He then said that if contactors/IDs tell people IKEA is good, then why would they need them anymore? LOL.

He is honestly quite truthful.

It was also funny to note that A wanted to buy a dining table that had certain functions and our contractor went on taobao and found the same thing..but in RMB hahahaha.

It's been a long day.

💔 to have your heartbroken and patched back in the same day is not easy.

In the meantime I have work to distract me.

Gotta work harder for more money. Sad but true. This is the reality of life. Really hope that after this home Reno I can focus on saving/investing again hahaha

The good thing is that work is keeping me on my feet. But more like I have to fly instead of run cos I can forsee some days this week which would be night work on top of day work hahaha. I should have appreciated the slack days more. 😩

Feel like I've been so full up the entire weekend. Time to go back to intermittent fasting on weekdays.

Got some time to myself to sort out my hair bahaha. I guess when u look good(better), u automatically feel better.

Still pondering over house stuff 🤔🤔🤔🤔

The hairdresser so cute. He collected all my cut hair and put them into my hands. LOL. I was like 😳😳😳 okay..?? Thanks.

That's alot of hair anyways. My head feels lighter now. Hahaha. Bye to long hair. The bleached ends were also so difficult to dry. I also kept dropping hair like mad. And gotta vacuum everyday. Hahaha.

I will not be having white tiles in our future home for sure. Coupled with dog fur?! Imma go mad. Haha.

Platform bed for our bedroom??! Yay or nay?

These are just pictures from pinterest by the way. Hahah

I wnna have this. No more unsightly dustbins.

I wnna have this too for my tall unit. I can't forsee myself bending down or even tiptoeing reaching into cupboards for dishes 😪

If only it was feasible to have a butcher's block as a counter top. But everyone would advise against it.

I love the idea of open shelves but one thing that comes to mind…LIZARDS. Ugh. their droppings will prolly end up everywhere right???

Cny is also fast approaching. Why does it feel so soon?!

This year also need to pack ang pao. Lol. They say it's better to give than to receive ya? Hahaa

Also saw this gorgeous piece from noden. I went to ask them about the price…


*cry laughing*

Why do we have such expensive taste ah? I don't get it. Lol.