Hi 2017

my 2016 resolutions

  • blog more here. i do update everyday at dayre.me/cheeziepeazie

totally did not update this blog AT ALL. but rather active on Dayre still.

  • exercise more regularly, attempt a full marathon in Dec2016

i did attempt a full marathon in Dec 2016. it wasn’t my best shot. it was painful. but i am thankful i did it. i would love to attempt an overseas marathon someday.

  • explore new passions

i attended a brush calligraphy lesson on a sunday and i enjoyed it very much. i dont practice as often due to lack of proper materials. but i hope to be able to improve this year!

  • pick up the guitar again

did not happen. haha.

  • read God’s word more intentionally

did not  happen. need to work on this.

  • get engaged (?) – not really for me to decide lol.

yesss!! aaron and i got engaged in 2016. i thank God for that. so in 2017 we would be busying ourselves planning for our wedding. hehe.

  • go hiking overseas

yes! went for a hiking trip to Surabaya in June 2016 and it was GREAT! i loved it so much! i would love to go back!

  • save more money!

yes and no. i saved more but also had some unexpected expenditure. so i will keep going at it!


2016 was a relatively ok year. totally adjusted to being a working adult in her mid-twenties. i wonder what the next 5 year brings.. but for now, 2017 just feels like an extension of 2016. nothing much has changed other than the clock striking 12.

perhaps i need more actions plans for 2017. so here we go!


Picking up where I left off

Updates on my New Year’s Resolutions.

  • blog more here. i do update everyday at dayre.me/cheeziepeazie – 2 posts in 2 months, not a bad start eh?
  • exercise more regularly, attempt a full marathon in Dec 2016 – been working out an avg of 2 times a week, imma keep at it, and try to make it 3 times a week. gotta clock more distances too coupled with strength training.
  • explore new passions – none at the moment, still finding the right time for the right thing.
  • pick up the guitar again – not at the moment, perhaps during the second half of the year.
  • read God’s word more intentionally – was good in Jan. but totally crap in Feb. will work at in in March! go me!
  • get engaged (?) – not really for me to decide lol. – NOPE. HAHAHAHA.
  • go hiking overseas – proud to say, we’ve gotten tickets booked! im super excited! time to train more i guess? (:
  • save more money – slowly but surely, circumstances make it a little bit challenging, but every bit counts.


Other things that I would like to work on

  • bring my dogs to the dog park more often. i brought them twice this month. and im thankful for the other dog owners who came to chat with me after seeing that i had put muzzle’s on my dogs. they were fellow mongrel owners too. im thankful for their understanding and advice. it wouldnt get that from small dog owners. it has been challenging to bring them to the dog park and i havent done so in months. i hope to go more often. it was nice seeing the boys socialise with other dogs at the park yesterday albeit with the muzzle on. i guess that’s just to prevent any accidents from happening.
  • read more. im not much of a reader. just cant seem to sit down and digest words on a page. but just today, i finished reading a book, The Kid Who Climbed Everest by Bear Grylls. i hope to pick up reading and paymore visits the library. but stop the habit of returning books late and having to pay a fine! lol.

will update with pictures the next time round. stay around!





hello 2016

it’s been awhile since i last updated.

2015 went by really, really quickly. probably one of the fastest years i’ve experienced perhaps due to the flurry of events month after month.

i am sure 2016 will also bring about many change in my life, more adult things i suppose.

ministry stuff has also been busy in church. and also with a new pastor-in-charge, there are more exciting things ahead for us.

some key highlights in 2015

  • visited Bangkok with churchies, Malaysia for church camp, Malaysia for YMLC and Australia for family trip.
  • completed a project at work
  • had interns under me
  • had small breakthroughs at block outreach
  • celebrated 7 years of being together with Aaron
  • began marriage prep course

in 2016, i hope to

  • blog more here. i do update everyday at dayre.me/cheeziepeazie
  • exercise more regularly, attempt a full marathon in Dec2016
  • explore new passions
  • pick up the guitar again
  • read God’s word more intentionally
  • get engaged (?) – not really for me to decide lol.
  • go hiking overseas
  • save more money!




Morning Devotion

2 In the last days, the mountain of the Lord’s house

will be the highest of all—

the most important place on earth.

It will be raised above the other hills,

and people from all over the world will stream there to worship.

3 People from many nations will come and say,

“Come, let us go up to the mountain of the Lord,

to the house of Jacob’s God.

There he will teach us his ways,

and we will walk in his paths.”

For the Lord’s teaching will go out from Zion;

his word will go out from Jerusalem.

4 The Lord will mediate between nations

and will settle international disputes.

They will hammer their swords into plowshares

and their spears into pruning hooks.

Nation will no longer fight against nation,

nor train for war anymore.

“Isaiah reminds me that the way towards lasting and eternal peace is to worship God lovingly and to encourage others to do the same. Inviting others into a loving relationship with God is a step toward lasting peace on earth.”- ODJ

Devotion taken from here (24 Oct)

Pictures (Hoi An, Vietnam)

Had some photos in my old phone that I just transferred to my laptop so I’m able to upload them.

These were taken during our family trip to Hoi An, Vietnam last November. We stayed at The Nam Hai.

The living room that is HUGE

The huge living room! They had lounging couches at all 4 corners of the room and a large dining table in the middle. I would have been happy just to sleep in the living room facing the ocean.

bedroom view

bedroom view

tea  time slides.

tea time slides.

one of the 3 pools in the main area.\

one of the 3 pools in the main area.

eggs benedict

eggs benedict

yogurt with honey from an actual honeycomb

yogurt with honey from an actual honeycomb

20141122_134441 20141122_134457 20141122_170342 20141123_143234

our last teabreak before heading to the airport.

our last teabreak before heading to the airport.

Cafes In Bangkok #NothingBhatTheTruth

It’s time for an update!

Cafes in Bangkok!

I will be listing them in no particular order. Enjoy!

1. After You

they are highly popular with tourists and have since had many outlets pop up around Bangkok. They are famous for their Shibuya Honey Toast.

we visited the outlet at Siam Paragon’s Basement. there was about a 30 min wait for a table of 7.

Milo Shaved Ice from After You

Milo Shaved Ice from After You

shaved ice and bread soaked in sweetened condensed milk and milo chocolate sauce drizzled over the top. this was really good and very rich in flavour. it’s recommended to share though. we shared this with 7 people and there was barely enough but just nice to get a satisfying taste without it being too overboard.

Shibuya Honey Toast from After You

Shibuya Honey Toast from After You

Thick Toast with buttered insides topped with 2 scoops of ice-cream and served with honey that you can drizzle over.

This lived up to its expectations. Bread and ice cream always go well together. yummy!


Group Photo

Group Photo


2. Yingdew Homemade Cafe

This was located in Siam Square One.



Beautiful decor and lighting, great for taking pictures. hehe.

Yingdew Homemade Cafe @ Siam Square One

Yingdew Homemade Cafe @ Siam Square One

cookie base with marshmallow centre with their homemade vanilla bean ice cream


Matcha lava cake with brownie ice cream. Their ice cream was really fantastic.




we didnt have space in our stomachs for cakes. maybe next time!


3. White Flower Factory

we went to this place the night before just for desserts. the cakes are really delicious.

They are located in Siam Square One too.

White Flower Factory @ Siam Square One

White Flower Factory @ Siam Square One

Thai Tea Crepe Cake

Thai Tea Crepe Cake

Double Matcha Tiramisu

Double Matcha Tiramisu

The Cakes

The Cake Selection. You would be spoilt for choice.


beautiful interiors. we went there the next day for lunch, just the girls. this place is popular with the more affluent group. they have thai food available too, if you fancy thai food in a more comfortable environment.

4. Mango Tango

This is a popular Mango dessert chain store. We were at the Siam outlet.


Mango Tango

Mango Tango

IMG_5560 IMG_5562

Mango ice cream, with fresh mango, sticky rice and pudding. the mango ice cream didn’t stand out as much to me. again, this is one of the places where you want to have thai dessert in a comfortable setting as compared to buying them off the streets stalls.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

5. Roast Cafe

Located in the Thong Lor area, a place popular with young locals and tourists who are into cafe hopping. It’s situated in the Japanese Area littered with Japanese bakeries and restaurants.

Strawberry Tea

Strawberry Iced Tea


Vanilla bean shake and coffee (espresso ice cubes + milk)

Bread & Butter

Bread & Butter

the bread deserves a shoutout. the butter was oh-so-delicious. we kinda suspect they make their own butter? The bread was perfectly crusted that we had to ask for a second helping.


Truffle bacon pasta. good for sharing as it tastes quite rich.



Simple and good, just how it should be.

Smoke Salmon and Hash

Smoked Salmon and Hash


6. Audrey

to be honest, i wouldn’t recommend this place as when we visited, they were sold out of almost everything, including their popular items. so we were very disappointed. and the service there was rather bad. so even with the nice decor, i wouldn’t recommend this cafe.

IMG_5610 IMG_5612 IMG_5613 IMG_5614 IMG_5615 IMG_5616

Blueberry Crumble

Blueberry Crumble

7. True Love @ Neverland (Husky Cafe)

Tucked away in a private housing estate, this Husky Cafe is indeed one of it’s kind. Highly recommended for dog lovers. you would not regret visiting this place!

TrIMG_5620 IMG_5621 IMG_5624 IMG_5625 IMG_5622IMG_5626  IMG_5629 IMG_5631 IMG_5640 IMG_5649 IMG_5652 IMG_5657 IMG_5661 IMG_5665

Entrance fees are approx 350 Bhat/pax and comes included with a drink and cake. Pretty reasonable. You may check with the cafe for their visiting hours. They only allow their huskies to roam outdoors about twice a day and they spend the rest of the day indoors with aircon. Considering the hot Bangkok weather, this is understandable.

Before the visit, you would be briefed by the owner herself in thai followed by english, then you proceed to wash your hands, sanitise them and put on protective sleeves over your feet.

The place is very well taken care of and very clean. No pungent smell of dog’s pee etc. the handlers are also well trained and you can tell that they love the dogs very much. The place is considered a Husky Sanctuary.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the cafe so much so that we almost missed out flight back. *phew*

that’s all for cafe updates! i would recommend all the cafes we visited except Audrey Cafe. There are more cafes that we wanted to visit. But it was a very good trip all in all!