my very first


trying out my first new post in wordpress. it seems confusing to use after using blogger for donkey years. i guess i want a change from that lame-ass blog address. HARHAR. this isnt any better too. never good at creating cool usernames or emails. feeling ultra sleepy right now. and i wont even start to tell u how panicky i get when someone mentions the words quiz, physics and computing. seriously. i am terrified! but i tell myself constantly that i have to keep trusting that God will bring me through.

went to watch Charlie St. Cloud last Wednesday with Aaron. i drove to west mall from hall! not bad! pretty smooth ride. but im still trying to keep my rides free frm heart-attacks. well, the plot was :/ kinda weird. the only catch is Zac Efron! haha. never really loved him but in the movie he is absolutely stunning. heh heh. much to the frustration of Aaron who got irritated after i could not stop talking about Zac Efron the show and how he should change his hairstyle to look like him. and wear blue contact lenses. muahaha. besides, the girl in the show wasn’t that pretty either. hmm.. but yea. Zac Efron looks really different and definitely a feast for the eyes. haha. okay. enough for now.

i survived today! 3hr straight of lectures and 3 hr lab. was struggling to keep awake during the last hr of lectures. but it was a new chapter with a new lecturer. no more china lecturer. so i was determined to make it a good start. and i managed to stay awake! hooray. lab was perspective drawing. it’s so annoying. but it’s cool. makes me feel like an interior designer. hoho. but all i can draw are square/rectangular things. like cupboards, and open shelves. haha.   alright. guess im going back to computing. adam lambert is on the radio now. reminds me of the F1 concert when we caught his performance. he was barefoot while performing. he wore what looked like body hugging leather pants and some furry trench coat. very sure he was melting underneath it. haha.


will aim to blog better. lecture on blogs tmr during effective comms. cant wait for this week to end!


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