at the woodlands bus interchange now.just had dinner with 3 other of my cell group girls.had macs.fattening much.but macs has a secret plan to make me fat cuz they are back with the evil monopoly ploy to make to stuff my face with burgers and macs for at least 2 weeks!!!! evil food.

anyway, I guess wordpress is kinda good cuz I have this app that allows me to update my blog easily.

was my dad’s bday ytd.we had teppanyaki at hilltop restaurant.super ulu.the place is kinda old too.went there once and they used to have Japanese chefs doing the cooking.but now, things have changed. yea.u guessed it.chinese national chefs.actually they could very well pass off as Japanese until they open their mouths.haha.

we had deer meet, teriyaki chicken, scallop, asparagus and egg was pretty awesome!(: yumz.but went back smelling like a total BBQ-ed piece of meat.not cool.

had marche on Monday night with aaron.just a random night out. surprising we ate v little.shared a soup, rosti and calamari.and that was about was fun tho.and I bought him a game for his ps3.I am so nice! haha.ok.gnna catch some Zs before getting back home.

this afternoon wasn’t too productive.bleagh.till next time!


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