A Lazy Friday Morning

it’s a Friday, decided to stay at home and sleep all i want. Sadly, was constantly awaken by the drilling next door đŸ˜¡ Anyhow, yesterday was a horrible studying day. Hope to do better today somehow. I only have the afternoon left plus i am hungry. Which means i have to get some lunch somehow.I dont know how. Haha. Just feeling really lazy. Keep browsing online stores and I want to buy something. But there is nothing to catches my attention. Sad much.

Oh, I have to mention.. I ATE MACDONALDS YESTERADY FOR LUNCH. What crap! Seriously! Was sucked into the whole marketing ploy! Evil food! my friend got a dark blue property. U need Sentosa Cove to win $80,000. Sigh. Why am i so stupid??? Oh. And for dinner, brought my family to My Thai along Bukit Timah Road. Aaron’s family friend opened it. My family ordered the same number of dishes that Aaron and I ordered. We ate till we were really full. And i dont know how Aaron and i managed to finish those 6/7 dishes the last time we were there. I cant seem to figure it out. But the food was awesomezzxzxzx. Thinking about it now makes me salivate. Hoho. Havent had lunch. But I look at the haze and cant be bothered to step out of the house.

Cell group lunch at NYDC tmr. gnna eat AGAIN! Seriously! Haha. Alright. Going to go hunt for something to eat in my pathetic fridge.

And I have to add. Been dying without twitter AND facebook. just trying this whole no facebook and twitter thing for 5 days. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It ends at 12am tonight. Haha.  Deleted the Twitter and Facebook App on my phone. Didnt use them on the laptop either. Only accidently clicked some link that led me to a facebook page but closed it after. Discipline tho. But I cant say so much about studying. Can. Do. Much More.


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