It’s a new year!


decided to blog here since it’s the new year! just got back from the awesome Australia! will blog about that in the comin days. maybe i shall just sum up my 2010!!

i guess 2010 is special cuz it marks the breaking away from the 12 straight years of normal school life. i’ll probably start off with the places i travelled to. which is record breaking!!

-Bangkok in January with Aaron, Julia, Joezer and Jialong. super fun trip that made me spend a lot of money! missed a flight but it was such an experience! miss thai milk tea!!!!

-Cambodia with CANoobs. my second mission trip. eye opening and memorable! had good times there. still have all the videos we recorded. not sure how im gnna upload them. haha.

-UK with my aunt. haha. this was a first. spent loads of money too! will not forget the time i had alone at Buxton at the park, eating a piping hot beef pie in the cold. it was perfect. sat through about 2 days of conference. doubt i’ll b able to go next year cuz it clashes with school :/

-church camp at Batam. the dance. haha.

-Australia! i rly had a good time there. i feel much happier and left all my worries when i boarded the plane there. and on the rollercoasters.was less concerned about my unhappiness but more about my life! i didnt wnna fly out of the ride! took about 6 rollercoasters. excluding less scary rides. good times!

yup. in 2010, i attended trackers, which was a rare opportunity that i wouldnt trade for anything else. and learnt many valuable things that has helped me to serve in different areas in church. i also got into university. into a course that i had no idea what it was all about. and i think i can proudly say that i have survived the first of eight semesters. very thankful that God pulled me through.

exercised less, ate more. haha. but i think i feel happy (:

so i guess in this coming year, i would like to be more financially savvy, study harder and serve God with a greater burning passion each time! but all these sound so cliche. and im never a resolution person. but i always try my best (:

photos soon!


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