new year’s eve

just felt like posting about my new year’s eve.
i remember last year, as usual, we had our watchnight service in church.
where it was usually er.. boring?
haha. then the youths headed to ECP for overnight cycling.
lol much.
cycled our asses off, literally. from 1am till 7am?
we were totally zombified.STILL, we had energy to go for breakfast. long drive home when i had to try to keep aaron awake to prevent us all from dying in a car crash as he was constantly falling asleep.
woke up with super sore legs the next day, but the day after was BANGKOK! so all the aches we gone with all the thai massages (:

well, this year, it IS a lot more different. no church service, but in Gold Coast Australia! we were at Surfers Paradise. if im not wrong, there were quite a few ‘agencies’ thing getting people to sign up for what they call club crawls days leading up to NYE. i assume it’s where u go to different clubs in one night. so on new year’s eve many people in that area were dressed to PARTY! they all looked really nice (: it reminded me of JERSEY SHORE! haha. like hot girls and guys.

as for my family, we had chinese food below our hotel on NYE. LOL. i tell u.. one plate of sambal kangkong cost us about $28 Singapore dollars. WHAT A JOKE. hahahaha. most expensive kangkong EVER. our meal cost about $200 for 7 ppl. and they were very simple dishes like tofu, chicken, eggplant etc. haha. at around 8ish our guide took us to the main Surfers Paradise area where loads of ppl gathered for the 9pm fireworks. the atmosphere was in the air! everyone there felt happy(: when the fireworks started, everyone oohhed and ahhed. it lasted for a good 10 minutes. think for singapore max was like 7mins for National Day? Anyway, it was nice watching fireworks with other strangers. everyone was happy! we then headed back to our hotel which was about 10mins walk away.

played in the hotel doing random things and watching tv. when the clock struck 12, we shouted outside our hotel room balcony. hahahaha. they showed the Sydney Harbour bridge fireworks on tv which were super awesome x10000000. cannot beat singapore cuz they have a whole freaking bridge full of fireworks etc. haha. okay. enough comparing. there were fireworks are Surfers Paradise again at 12am, but our view was blocked. so too bad. haha. just ended up screaming and jumping on our beds, amongst other retarded stuff which i will not mention.

so yeap. that’s more or less my new year’s eve. new year’s day was spent at shopping with super a lot of stock clearing sales and er. fishing/feeding pelicans/eating crabs on a boat that was an optional tour(:

just finished badminton with Aaron and the unclez. it was pretty fun. training in hall tmr and i have a COMPETITION on Saturday. lol. good luck to me.had prata at al ameen after a long time. AND IT WAS AWESOME. the curry was yumtum in my tummy(:

i also cleared out my wardrobed today. happy! next up would be my table. total disaster. dont know how it can get so messy when i dont even study on this table.

okay. bye!


One thought on “new year’s eve

  1. Our house is 5 minutes from Surfers. Our family tried going in for the fireworks but it was so crowded, we went back home and watched them from our house instead.
    And yes, the food in Surfers at Christmas time is expensive (and more so new years eve) better to go to Broadbeach down the road or even a surf club.

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