back to normal

i am sleeping later and later since i came back. VERY BAD
well, today, i woke up at 11. a total norm for me.
in the afternoon went to my uncle’s eatery to nom with Aaron.
pearl was there.
food’s GOOOOOOD. will be bringing more friends there! dont know the exact address. but i’ll put it up soonz. went to a back massage after lunch. it was sooo goooooddd. painful tho. but TOTALLY much needed.during the exams. my shoulders were so tense.. plus the last time i sprained my neck, i cant ‘crack’ my neck the way i used to anymore): lower back has always given me problems lately as well. think Aaron spread it to me. haha. just kidding. but the flights made it worse? yea. anyway, IT WAS GOOD.
headed to hall for training. oh goodness.
was asked to try singles. made a fool out of myself.
fail. so i guess it’s gnna be doubles for meeee. inter-hall games this saturday! er. yea. i hope i dont lose.

supper with aaron and julia at teochew porridge. went there with aaron on monday and we were defeated by 6 dishes. could barely finish tho we were rather hungry. last time we could polish off 7 dishes. no problem. think we are eating less. which is a good thing.
so just now, 3 of us. like 5 dishes. haha.

gave julia her slipperzzz. which she likes. LIKE FINALLY! something i bought that she likes! A MIRACLE! hahhaaha. it’s like even nicer than the havianas i bought for myself. so yea. i am awesome.
okay. just spent the whole night watching youtube videos. watched one that has a review of this Sigma brush set. which comes in aqua, pink, purple and back. so super awesome!! but costs 99 USD. doubt i’ll ever have that. okay then. out with julia tmr. she’s driving. no need to take bus/mrt. WHEEEE.

still tryna figure out the photo thing. the layout aint quite right.


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