wonder if anyone is reading this. i dont exactly want to ‘publicize’ by blog or anything so i’ll just leave it as it is for now. well, it’s the holidays still. but i know every single minute is passing so fast and before i know it, SCHOOL IS GOING TO START. it’s like looming nearer and nearer to me. seriouslyyyy.

went to get highlights in my hair last thurs with julia. it was a gift from her. thangggsss. but NO ONE HAS NOTICED my hair. which means highlight fail. hope to get it redone this weekend. cuz i am sick of my boring black hair! friday night was spent at aaron’s house with some church peeps playing BANG! so super awesomely fun game! we have now nicknamed the game ‘pongci’ or whatever because of julia. nevermind about that. but i really enjoyed myself. just a plain old night of fun! love times like this.

the weekends were kinda boring? parents came back from china and they bought loads of weird food. like one was chili chicken? it’s like small chicken wings wrapped up like candy sorta? SOOOO WEIRD. reminded of all those china food scams etc. eeewwwwww. and mom bought back rabbit candy! yumz. hope there aint any melamine or whatever. hahaha. seriously paranoid about food from there.

so the past 2 days i have been going to my uncle’s eatery, helping out. yay. my wish of working as a waitress is fulfilled! hahaha. but seriously it is quite scary. but i must say it’s rather fun!! i guess the scary part is to use the stupid cashier!! so confusing!!! yea. and when ppl buy sushi, i have think very quickly what kinda sushi it is so that i can enter it in. always fail. so when ever they pick up the sushi, i quickly try to memorise the name of it. hahaha. oh wells. cant help out for long too. and travelling there takes too much time! like an hr!

last night went for supper with jolyn and sharron. woohoo. having a car is awesomezzzzz. finally went to the dim sum place. swee choon at desker road. the food there is pretty good! they have this ‘carrot cake’ that instead of radish, it’s mee sua. haha. not bad. then we headed to mustafa again! hahaha. super fun. bought a bunch of stuff. then it was to rochor beancurd for soya milk! great night out! (:

still in the midst of trying to figure out a way to upload pictures cuz now, they look distorted. oh wells. training tmr. dread. i am so lousy.


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