When you are still able to praise God

Just checked my results not too long ago and my GPA is what many people would say horrible.just about 10 mins ago, I was in tears for the first time, crying over my results.even for A levels I didn’t do too well but I never did cry.but tonight, I did.it was out of pure disappointment.complete disappointment at why did I even go for the physics paper when many would just take an MC and work harder for it another semester.why take the gamble? At that time I honestly wanted to do my best and surrender whatever I studied to God.ended up with a D.

This is a continuation of the test from God since the start of university.somehow I feel He is saying “I am not done with you yet” not in a bad way but in a “wait till u see what more greater things I can do for you” way.yes.it is definitely hard to swallow a GPA like that.with the whole “future” thing at the back of my mind.but this is not the time to dwell in grades that do seem acceptable in man’s eyes.it’s time to move on.to greater challenges and greater blessings.

I shared with the YA cell that I am looking forward to school knowing that God is still here and I will be less tense about school.because I feel this peace within me.and I hope that will not change despite these grades.

Tonight was a reminder that you reap what you sow.indeed.I know that God is fair.and I never seen Him as a father who is biased towards His children or withholds His blessings from them.

I am still very thankful for the rest of my grades.apart frm physics, here are the rest of my grades.just feel like typing them out as a thanksgiving

Math B-
Chem B-
Computing B-
Econs B+
effective communication A-
Lab A-

Extremely thankful for computing because I remember my tutor constantly asking me to answer questions on the board as he knows I always have problems doing the tutorials.and I have struggled with computing since day1.I felt the exams went pretty well.but the reason for the B- is probably due to those scholars who mess up the bell curve.yup.haha.

Alright.till taking time to absorb my grades and GPA.but God has always been good and still is.


4 thoughts on “When you are still able to praise God

  1. Hello 🙂 I don’t really know how I got here but you are really awesome. Keep the faith! The horse is prepared for the day of battle but victory belongs to the Lord. Proverbs 21:31! Go ameliaaa be the horse 🙂

  2. hellooo i have arrived here at your blog(:
    and its not retardedly named la. there’s probably some reason you named it as such, so. the reason’s definitely not retarded, i’m willing to bet on that. loveyou

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