it’s been awhile

righttt.. so the last post was reallllyyy wordy. it’s been a week since school started. and im still getting used to waking up early, squeezing on the bus etc. not exactly in a studying mood yet. afterall, it’s CHINESE NEW YEAR next week! i cant believe i have not eaten ANYYYY CNY goodies. but i just received a huge bag of them yesterday! woohoo. wnna go to chinatown to feel the mood for CNY. wheeeeeee. let the feasting begin!

gnna get started on physics tutorial. honestly, i fear physics after last semester. but i have no choice.i have to face it! at the moment still trying to get one more elective. trying to get CS 100 fundamentals of communication studiessss. i want it! i need it!

i wnna post photos. but i dont know howwwww. just feeling hungry and i wanna order macdonalds. wanted to order it for lunch yesterday. but they didnt allow me online. probably due to the heavy rain.instead, aaron came and we went to eat. i had tom yum soup with bee hoon inside at jln remaja. superrrrr spicy. but great for the cold weather (:

still need to buy shoes for CNY :/


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