chinese new year!

was just chatting with my relatives and friends recently. and i realised.. why is the world so result orientated. feel so depressed thinking about it. it’s about grades and money. why??! during this CNYperiod, people ask me what course i am in. and i say engineering. and the responses i get are “why engineering? u should change course” “my friends who study engineering end up studying business” “u can never win the foreigners” it really made me feel very sad. and it’s hard to remind myself that God has a great plan for me. despite that, i will still stand firm in my believes and take one step at a time. i may not end up earning big bucks, but i want to grow happy in the Lord. that is the most important.


so anyway, happy new year! went to help out at my uncle’s eatery on new year’s eve. brought aaron there and introduced him to the karrage! so super duper awesomeness! i only love karrage there! anyway, i felt so happy working there! getting to interact with the customers etc (: i enjoyed myself. reunion dinner at grandfather’s house. had louhei number 1. didnt eat much. went to chinatown later to soak in the atmosphere! love it! we bought these jelly thing from taiwan. tasted quite nice. they were selling at $1.80/100g and they KEPT ON SHOUTING “guo dong (jelly) die san mao le” means the prices of jellies have fallen by 30cents. so okay $1.50/100g. thinking it was quite cheap, we started to pick our jellies. got them weighed and guess how much they cost us?????







for jellies. HAHAHAHHAHA. but yea. we told the guy to take some out. tho it was a bit embarrassing. but $30 to pay for some jellies is a bit too much. so ended up paying $20. hahaha. madness.

went visiting on the first day. most of the houses we visited were like 3 room flats and my extended family has like 27 ppl. and we all go and visit together. so it’s like super packed in the houses. but i guess that’s what CNY is all about (: went back to grandfather’s house and had louhei x2. this time with abalone. yumzzzzz. played blackjack and i won $30! happiness!!!

2nd day of CNY started out with the usual lunch with my mom’s side. at tung luk again. food was kinda baddddddddd. vivo was ultra crowded. had 2 tubs of ben and jerry’s for dessert. and i realised the awesomeness of the New York Super Fudge Chunk.went back to grandmother’s house for dinner. and we had pig’s stomach with abalone soup. free flow abaloneeee!!! yumyumyum. plus sea cucumbers with mushroom. and after much discussion, the older cousins went for drinks.


today, went with some Trackers to Pastor Anthony’s house. with the 4 iphones, we played charadium! it was fun! haha. shld try that sometime soon with friends. met my family at vivo (again) for movie. watching Homecoming. pretty okayyy. went to do a little shopping on my own (: happy! bought aaron a cardigan. and with that same about of money i bought myself 4 items. hahahaha. guys things are really expensive. had last minute ice cream at island creamery! woowoo!

okay been having a lot of fun these few days. have not studied ONE BIT. darn. BUTTTTT, i must give thanks for something. I GOT MY ELECTIVE! the long awaited CS100! i have been waiting for u baby!!!!!!! hahahhha. very very thankful. really thought there was no chance of getting this elective and had taken up another one. but last night, my friend desmond told me his friend was gnna drop it. really thank God. because i have been wanting this for so long and God answered my prayers. indeed. God has a good plan for me (: heehee. a little more visiting tmr and then IT IS BACK TO SCHOOOL :/


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