oh and i have to add another post.
monday night was horrible. my neighbors were crazily noisy. i wanted to kill them one by one. like seriously. i was very frustrated and mad and everything. because i was trying SO HARD to sleep at around 12am. and i only managed to sleep at 2am. really hated it.

there were around 10 ppl next door on the left shouting and stuff.and a couple on the right talking loudly. i went to tell them to lower it down twice. didnt work the first time. and the second time, i was really quite pissed. but then again, they are my neighbors, i didnt exactly lose it. but it really spoiled my whole tuesday cuz i didnt sleep well. really considering to move out. or go home every night to sleep. because if this continues, it’s gnna affect me :/ thinking about that night really makes me very upset. it sounds exaggerated. but it’s true. wnna rest more also cannot. i have the rights to peace and quiet!

not gnna go back on sunday night to have another night of good rest and not risk being disturbed.

haha. sorry for sounding so sad in my posts. i am actually very happy because it’s CNY(: love!


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