recent ramblings

our 3rd Valentines Day (:

this time, we celebrated it 2 days after eveyone did. just because. haha. i didnt expect much as we delayed planning for it day after day. but in the end, aaron managed to get quite a few things nailed down in just a day. happy and surprised (: i had my eye on this white Fossil watch in some christmas gift catalogue and i mentioned to him. but never showed him how it looks like. wanted to buy it for myself but chucked the idea aside after my mom bought me a white watch for no apparent reason a couple of weeks back. never mentioned it ever since. and amazingly, he bought the watch! no idea how he figured out/asked who. because i never told anyone! :O haha. need to get it adjusted cuz it’s too big. but yea. we had buffet. i think buffets arent my kinda thing. cant stuff my face as i get full and bloated easily ): caught Just go with it. SUPER naise!! but maybe it was because of the company. but it was still sweet, not forgetting FUNNY. jennifer aniston is still pretty after so many years(: love romantic comedies!


anyway, decided to blog because i am very frustrated with WEBASSIGN! it’s crap! it’s so time consuming!!! 😡 hate! gosh. it’s this physics online assignment that we have every week. and we have 2 weeks to complete it. the 2nd one is due on monday. and there are 98 questions. only slightly halfway done and i dont know how to do SOOOO MANY. so dead. God please make a way out for me! ): this is going to happen for the next 10 weeks or so. really need strength and discipline!

just a sidetrack. went swimming after much pestering from my sister nearby my house today. we had the whole pool to ourselves! no irritating kids! haha. but i didnt swim much. just played in the water for awhile then we walked to jln remaja to buy our dinner! introduced her to nasi goreng USA. awesome much. also ordered tom yum soup and 2 plain pratas. had to wait very long for our food and we RAN home to eat/watch tv. shiok! was so satisfied. yum yum. and ate a bag of gummies. still stuck with this webassign!

and studying in aaron’s house is actually productive. because i dont dare to play the computer/get distracted as i am afraid to get scolded by him. lol. oh wells! gnna work on more questions!


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