Random photos from my phone

Kenny with longlong hair.in 2 weeks time I hope to post another photo.haha.

My eczema has been acting up like crazy.scratch scratch scratch. Mom bought this for dad in Australia.lol.dreamworld

My new watch.love the blings(:

It’s a money counter! Lol.those used in banks.drawn during lab session(: looks nice frm far.but when u see the sketching lines it’s real messy.haha. Labs can be fun sometimes.

Yay.successfully posted some photos.blogging using my phone(:

My night was affected and I was bogged down by worry and anxiety.I need to get monday and tues over.and more discipline.need to plug into God strength.was just reminded of how we are like plugs loosely or almost not connected into God’s socket whom we can draw strength from.so I plan to remind myself of that this week.

Last photo of Bernice and I on during reunion dinner(:


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