ranking frozen yogurt and ice cream(:
  1. Yoguru
  2. Yami Yogurt
  3. frolick
  4. ntu frozen yogurt
  5. sogurt


  1. island creamery
  2. daily scoop
  3. ntu durian ice cream i discovered on wednesday
  4. udders
  5. ben and jerry’s
  6. magnum
  7. paddle pop


went to vivo with Aaron ytd with the purpose of changing the cardigan that i bought for him. $80 for a cardigan! gawddd. i can easily buy 8 pieces at bugis. hahaha. oh wells. who ask guys clothes to be so expensive. in the end we didnt change it -.- because the staff said that the material stretches. already bought size L. anyway, bought a new pair of floral shoes at f21. i need more outing shoes leh. not these kinda casual shoes. wnna shop moreeeeee. havent bought new things in awhile.


blogging because webassign refuses to load. ughhhh. feeling super tired and i have to wake up at 430am tmr to go and support my dad for his bicycle race. bahhs. what about my physics test?


okay abrupt ending.


2 thoughts on “

  1. Amelia! came across your blog and i saw this and I have just got to add: please try Sour Sally at Wisma and you’ve got to put it on your list!! haha. Not just because I’m their PR. ahaha….but it’s really yummy.

    sorry this is so random! hope your grp is also turning out better. Keep the faith.

    Seriously, go try sour sally.hahaha.

    1. haha. okay! i havent been to town in so long! i had to pause and think were Wisma is. hahaha. okay! it is like sour since it’s Sour Sally? haha (: thanks

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