if only time would fast forward to the future

watching tv in bed together just like how we would in the future.
if only time would fast forward.
i managed to kipnap aaron’s bulldog softtoy! finally! woohoo!
had tomyum bee hoon at jln remaja. too awesome! going swimming tmr then im gnna start on e-lectures. “i can do all things through christ who gives me strength”

had physics test today.stayed up pretty late last night to revise because i didnt manage to complete it earlier. probably a bad choice. brain was so tired this morning. after so many years of tests and exams, i still get nervous.more so in university. during the test, i chanced up 2 pretty much exact same questions (they were online and randomly generated from a set of questions) wasnt too sure but my answers were kinda close to the options given. i felt confident after my test and we could check out grades immediately after the test. and i got a C. that alphabet stared right back at me on the screen. i couldnt believe it. at that time i didnt know what went wrong. neither could i understand why i did so badly. i felt disappointed. after sacrificing time with my family, time to rest etc, this is the grade that i get? but honestly, i know that God didnt promise good grades with the amount of effort/time u put in. i feel like giving up. after 6 weeks of pressing on. recess week is here. i dont know what is gnna happen. 2 more tests after recess week. i guess i can only try my best. because tho i dont know where all these is taking me, God know best. hard to hang on to that fact when i cant see anything ahead of me. but i trust the headlights of my car along this dark winding road.


One thought on “if only time would fast forward to the future

  1. aw hang in there babe! here for you kay(:
    and at least one (pretty significant) bit of your future’s been taken care of already eh?(; hehe

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