the rain needs to stop so i can go run!
swam twice last week. lol. i was the only one in the pool. shiok. even got to use the steambath after that. release all the toxinsssss. and it opens up your pores so u can exfoliate. been watching this youtube person and learnt a lot of beauty tips. HAHAHA. youtube is awesome.

had my green tea macchiato yesterday from koi. gong cha SUCKS. the cream aint so light and sweet like their salty and heavy cream. bleagghh. but yea! yummy tum tum.

it was a crazy weekend. so many electures to catch up on. plus 2 tests and formal report. all these 3 things on monday tuesday and wednesday next weeeeek!!

but something great to look forward to on friday this week! woooo!


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