forced myself to wake up this working to get down to some work.

finally, a weekend without having to study for tests. but i need to catch up with tutorials as i have been neglecting them like crazy ): just a short post here. just wnna ramble a bit. thankful that the math test and cs100 test is over. they went alright. and webassign, the crazy weekly online assignment is probably coming to an end really soon. or so i hope. this sem is ending soon! i cant wait to be done with year1!

funnily enough, i do enjoy the knowledge i can receiving in school now. yea. funnily enough. and i finally filed all my notes yesterday and cleared part of the clutter on my table. after the test on wednesday i watched like 7 eps of khloe and kim take new york. HAHAHHA. love watching brainless stuff and just nua-ing there. now i am feeling hungry. but i am always lazy to walk down 5 floors and walk 5 up floors again. alright. time to get started with work.


hoping i can go home and run, swim and then steam bath.. haha.


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