ZERO work done over the past few days. except the online assignment. haha. oh wells. just wanted to blog about today’s EE (Evangalism Explosion) On the Job Training. i believe everything was well planned by God. i didnt practice during the week, but the thought of evangalising was constantly on my mind throughout the week. it was somehow a burning desire to want to share the love of God and this great gift that i just had to share.


so morning came today and still, i had not practiced. but i am thankful i could rely on the awesome practices i had with tabitha that helped to drill in the points. (woohoo!) so to cut to the chase, i was grouped with cass and aaron. and cass wanted to meet her friend at lot1 whom she said is a very logical person and she wanted to see for herself if the EE method would work on a non-believer. she was very nervous and so, i shared with her friend. the whole process, as i thought back was nerve wrecking! of all things, why do i choose to put myself in a vulnerable position where people can question my faith to no end, or put me down or be nasty towards me? all that could have happened. esp if i were to approach a stranger. but God is good. He allowed me to remember all the points that were to be shared. i may have appeared calm (?) not sure. but i was literally shaking. the feeling of fear and uncertainty is always there as i dont do evangelism often.but it was the adrenalin that got me going. i reminded myself not to talk too fast as i tend to ramble on. so somehow, i managed to cover all the points. it wasnt perfect. i stumbled here and there. and he did not want to say the sinner’s prayer immediately although he said that he would want to receive the gift of eternal life. but the feeling of being able to share God’s gift with even one person is awesome. not to seem like i am praising myself, but could feel God telling me, “well done, my child”. once again, my faith has increased. it is almost impossible to share the gospel without being convicted. i love God so much and i keep wanting to do more. which was why i kept pushing Aaron to speak to a stranger and evangalize. but i guess, this is not really his cup of tea to do face-to-face evangalism.thinking about it, i feel kinda disappointed at the points i stumbled during the sharing. but the overall feeling is like popcorns popping inside my body. weird but there isnt a better way to describe this feeling. haha.


something else happened after the sharing. aaron lost his wallet somewhere in lot1 and we only realized it while on the bus. i felt kinda disheartened. like why did such a thing have to happen just after i shared the gospel. but on hindsight, i feel it was Satan trying to shake our faith. as we took the bus back to lot1 hoping to find it somewhere, we prayed that we could find the wallet as we had seriously no clue how we dropped it. at the back of my mind, i was thinking, yea. we pray but it may still be gone forever. but something came back to me that i had to have FAITH (so much for talking about it during sharing the gospel but almost failing to make use of it). so thankfully, it was at macdonalds indeed. thank God for His blessings. enriching weekend indeed. praise God.


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