10 places i want to visit

  1. USA disneyland- i will visit all the disneylands!
  2. venice again- i rmb the last time i went there, it was so nice and romantic ^^ definitely the place to be for couple. hehe
  3. newyork/LA/lasvegas – influenced by shows like Hangover, Khloe and Kim take New York etc. HAHA.
  4. taj mahal in India – just because i think it will look super gorgeous
  5. maldives – clear blue waters!
  6. great wall of china –  to climb it! haha.
  7. hyde park because i missed it when i was there last year –  heard it’s really nice too. parks overseas like UK, US cannot be compared to er.. singapore’s parks which are hot and humid.
  8. National Museum of Singapore –  i actually like museums. just dont have anyone to accompany me.
  9. rome/paris – didnt really get to enjoy it enough the last time i was thereee.
  10. (to be added)


1am. shld be sleeping. slept at 12 for the first time in weeks yesterday. kinda tired. but i wnna do the physics tutorial. meh. fail. still lagging behind for physics. damn. i think i had one of the best tutorials in NTU as of today. material science. not those u-sit-there-prof-just-keep-yakking-away types. it was like we (singaporeans) could ask questions FER REAL yo! HAHA. like i have never asked so many questions in class before -.- but it was great for us (Singaporeans) to clear doubts. as for the others (foreigners) they kinda just sat there and kept quite. they probably know everything already. lol. okay. but yea. i felt it was a good tutorial. learnt a lot. i am thankful.


i have 2 subway cookies and milk in the fridge. perfecttttt supper. but i suddenly have a cough. shall save that for tmr’s bfast. oh FYI. every wednesday is subway day for me^^ cuz i hate to queue during lunchtime and i will buy Subway into the lecture before lunch. yay. alrights. gnna sleep like now. shall post more random fact next time.


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