gawd. like it’s flooding facebook! :O

i wonder out of all these how many will actually last the distance.. i hope they do.

i think the saddest thing is when people get hurt in relationships. the emotional pain/hurt/suffering especially. it’s never a good feeling. the heart wrenching.

anywayyyyy, it’s a thursday which means end of the school week for me. TOO DAMN SLACK TODAY. had a major gastric attack during lunch. never hurt so bad in a long time. thankfully i decided to head to lectures still and the tea really helped because i couldnt not get my hands on those antiacid pills! had the last lecture with the funny lecturer. you know those sound effects they have for powerpoints? like those swishing, zoom, applause etc? yea. he likes to use those sounds effects to get the attention of the students. which kinda works. but for some slides, he puts like SONGS. FOR EXAMPLE, CHAN MALI CHAN. lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!! hahahaha. i was like seriously laughing away… to myself. cuz i was sitting alone and it wld seem weird if i laughed out loud to myself. heehee. but the foreigners didnt know the songs. so boo. half the LT didnt laugh.he also played a couple of national day songs. like STAND UP FOR SINGAPORE. hahahahha. I SUPER LOVE NATIONAL DAY SONGS. was totally singing to it. the funny thing is that he plays that short first stanza and just stands there and waits for the short stanza to finish then continues with his slides. SUPER FUNNY PLEASE. haha. but too bad, no more of his lectures ): but it was fun while it lasted.


so yea.. dinnered/suppered with julia, johnston and aaron. AWEtotheSOME. power nasi lemak! dont know why it tasted so gud. aaron described the chicken as KFC??!?! haha. the batter was sogood. hehe. this morning i had nice yong tao foo as recommended by mom. nice indeedy. and i found out i love bringal. is that how u spell it? haha. alrights. study fail tonight. hope tmr i get to go to aaron’s house to do some serious studying because he scares me out when i do other stuff when i am supposed to study. haha. alright.




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