Hometown locations and facts

West, Bukit Batok..

haha. decided to blog because i feel so super tired right noww. the redbull didnt help. think my favourite gassy drink is redbull(: the blue and silver can. totally not the gold one. haha. will stock it up before the exams ^^

okay. so back to the question. haha. i got think list of topics to blog about from some tumblr. so i just pick ones that interest me and blog about it! so my blog will be more interesting hehe.

  1. food- i guess there are quite a lot of food options near my house. nearest would be a busstop away, where there are loads of coffeeshops to choose from. i just discovered one of the best yong tao foo! huge fan of YTF (yong tao foo. haha). my mom recommended it to me and it is indeed awesome. i usually dont pick the fried stuff. but that day i picked a fried bringal and she re-fried it. so awesome. plus the soup is tasty. i guess the ingredients are fresh which makes it nice(:
  2. railmall. stone’s throw away from my house but totally inaccessible unless by car. my parents love to dine there. where they have an organic shop. Sunnybites or something. where they have vegetable sushi. where instead of rice, they use carrots and lettuce etc. lol. we also frequent Cedele. expensive but nice salads. i love the vinegar dressing. there’s Ah Mei there as well. where they have the THICKEST TEH BING. yummy! can imagine lots of condensed milk. lol.
  3. before the coffeeshop beside macdonalds at the mrt station before renovation used to sell $2 steamed rice. i comes with pork ribs, mushroom chicken etc. so cheappp!! and the gravy is super tasty that makes the rice nice tgt with the chilli ^^
  4. okay. enough of food. i guess i have a nature park near my house? used to run there with jialong. gawd. so long ago!! remember i ran there once alone around 8pm on impulse and it was TOTALLY DARK INSIDE. so scary. thought there would be people taking walks there etc but there wernt any! :O

okay that is about all. pretty boring area i live in yo. nothing really wow or anything that other estates dont have(:

oh yea. was totally disappointed that there wernt new The Amazing Race episodes yesterday! ): i look forward to mondays because of this! super super sad. 6 more days to the next episode! come quick please. okay. maybe not. digital lifestyle test next monday. and all the guys and foreigners will confirm own it! 😡 but i have started to study for it. and there is a MOUNTAIN of notes to study. alright. need to get some exercise going this weekend. bye!



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