soft toys

the other day i suggested taking a polaroid of all our soft toys with my sister. cuz i wanted to finish that pack of film and start on the hello kitty one i bought. hehehe. so here are our toys(clockwise) brownie (the latest addition), grumpy, merry, mimi, (I FORGOT! the polar bear) and junior. the oldest would be mimi. if u couldnt tell, it is a sheep. HAHAHA. too cute. she used to have a green ribbon around her head. but we cut it off. and sometime later, we cut off her ears too. not sure what got into us to do that. HAHHA. can tell they’re pretty grey and dirty. lol. who knows what kinda bacteria are growing on it.actually since young, i never had a particular softtoy. never did till i was in sec1. haha. wish i cld share the history of how the names came about. haha. funnyy.

feeling a bit unnerved and cant really study tonight because some pretty scary stuff happened today. but anyway, the week has been alright. i really need to get going even faster for exams. i know there isnt much time left. i feel at the same time, i also need to strengthen my relationship with God. indeed.

been free from twitter for a couple of days now. now i need to work on facebook. yup. i feel that i keep blogging about school. how boring is that? oh. maybe something interesting. i finally got whatsapp!!!! haha. after 2 years plus of owning an iphone. woohoo. it’s kinda fun and i got to talk to Tabs all the way in UK for freeeee! nice. and yay. she is bringing me back my nail polishes that i ordered! cant WAIT!

talked to a EEE senior just now. the only one in my block(FYI. he was super excited to know that there was a EEE person in the block. haha) and i got a couple more tips on how to survive EEE. feeling a little more optimistic. thank God for opportunities like that. hopefully when i go home tomorrow i will get work done and Bernice will stop asking me to watch Modern Family. Which can be quite stress-relieving too ^^


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