the end of a week, the start of a brand new one

talk about the worst feeling in the world.that’s is what i am feeling right now. maybe i dont really truly understand what love is. i only know of God’s love for me. love between humans isnt real love because you always want something in return although u say you dont. i have figured out that that is so true. we all need something to know that our love is appreciated. only God’s love is real true love because He literally died for love and nothing we can do is enough to pay Him back. indeed heaven is a free gift. haha.

so yea. the weekend’s overrr. and here comes week 12. i need to overcome the fear of physics. i have this feeling i am making it more difficult than it should be. i am quite sure. so friday, i decided to go to JE library to study. been a year since i was there. the last time was when i did street evangelism with florence there. and before that was during the O level period when i would go there and study with my friends. good times. and when the JE entertainment centre still existed and when prima deli’s waffles wouldnt cost so much like it does now. AND when we used to sneak food in. good times(: it was pretty fruitful. although now there are more rules like no sleeping in the library. haha. they are dead serious about that. the girl who shared a table with me was sleeping and was woken up by the librarian. haha.

braved the storm on Saturday afternoon on my way to church from school. i had a 3.5 hr long physics lecture. i was a huge struggle to keep warm in the LT and also to focus. then it was a whole series of events. worship leading, EE and then Fusion. it was good going back to PLMC after a year. to sum up my experience at Fusion this year, it was just freely worshiping God and being in awe of His presence, His love, His majesty, and His glory. i remember during Trackers, i wrote a journal entry about my first experience of smiling during worship. at that time, it was a special moment where i truly soaked in God’s presence and be thankful for all that He has given me.

moving on to one materialistic thing that made me happy this weekend! haha. sounds superficial but i have been waiting for this for sometime! haha. my modelsown nail polishes. haha. got them sent to tab when she was in UK so that postage was free. amazinggg!! haha. the quality was as mentioned. great pigmentation, good brush etc etc. and they’re even cheaper than OPI. haha. i could go on and on.

alright. it’s really late. i needed an avenue to let go just now. it’s 3 weeks to exams. bye!


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