sleepy afternoon

coral, neon, red, rusty pink and glittery pink!

my favorite ones would be the rusty pink and the grey purple that’s not pictured. the turquoise turned out to be a little more blue than i had hoped. but i still love them(: shall play around with them after exams.

my prized possession

i call it my prized possession because no one can touch my red bull! and i know too much of it isnt too good. so i only have a can a week. my only favorite gassy drink. cheapest ive bought it is $2 at a canteen in my school. wonder if they would taste nice if i turned them into ice cubes..

a gantea

some taiwan bubble tea shop beside jurong east library. they shake the tea well like how koi used to.i counted how long the guy shook my cup of tea. roughly 1 minute. haha. now koi has too many customers so i guess they cant shake the tea as well. even after 20 mins sitting in my bag, it was still ice cold. tea is pretty fragrant and the grass jelly a slight herbal taste. tastes pretty good.

well well, all my tests are over. physics test today didnt end exactly well.. shrugs. time to go full steam ahead i guess? less than 3 weeks. till my first paper. sorry if i sound sad. the mcspicy in my tummy is asking me go walk a few steps to the bed and lie down. haha. decided to forgo the 2nd half of the cs100 lecture and come back and study instead. better not let the time be put to waste. toodles


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