Sorry.too obsessed with the nail polishes. Hahaha.I am gnna make my next order soon.I can’t wait!(: that’s pink fizz on top of some baby pink colour.glitteryyyy!!


That was my afternoon snack(: seriously the brownie goes rly well with it.haha.and the frolick at westmall has a pretty cosy feel to it(:
Just had dinner bought back from my uncle’s eatery.and koi chillin’ in the tea macciato(spell?) come to mama!(:

Okay.abit addicted to blogging.will try to take more pictures and make use of the photo apps in my iPhone.I downloaded this pillow app last night.LOL.supposed to help u sleep put u to sleep it works is it has a few sounds u can choose from.from rain + light thunder to sound of waves to a cracking fireplace.then u can set the timer.say 5 mins depending how long u think it will take u to fall asleep.and it plays that sound for that stipulated time and then it then u would have fallen asleep.IT WORKS for me.super awesome(: hehehehe.

Okay bye!


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