HAHAHA. MP walkabout just outside my house right now. lollll. it’s gnna rain any minute. it’ll be funny if it rains and everyone’s like chatting outside. lolzzzz. too funny.

came to blog because i managed to get rid of my egg prata! ordered too much for lunch just now and didnt even touch the egg prata we ordered. so i just gave it to warner. hehehe. yay to no wasting of food! we ordered a mutton murtabak, a polo bun, one egg prata, 2 teh bings and one piece of fried chicken. madness. i was like half full before lunch cuz i ate something else. i told aaron NOT to order the polo bun. so anyway, when our food came, the old couple infront of us were wondering how we cld finish the food. in the end, when i went to taopao the egg prata, they kinda laughed at us đŸ˜¡ i shld have given them the prata booo. haha. anyway, the teh bing at Ah Mei’s so SUPER THICK. so yumz. but too much aint good.

so yea. another nail update. bernice bought OPI’s black shatter nail polish and i tried it last night. pretty cool. took photos. but i seriously need to STOP painting my nails and give them a rest. but experimenting with new designs and colors are pretty addictive i must say. and yea. i am so nice to buy bernice a pair of heels online. shall order them later. havent bought things online in a really long time apart from the nail polish.

okay. enough. back to physics online assignment. i am determined to do them myself instead of blinding copying answers like everyone else. yesterday i studied at jurong library from 10am to 6pm. HARD CORE. brain was so dead that i didnt study at night at all. guilty much. okay bye!


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