yes brinjals, my most recent obsession. hahaha. i never really liked them in the past. but recently, i am just completely obsessed with this vegetable. whenever i see, i always order it. like the cai fan stall or the yong tao foo stall. seriously. so mushy but so yummy (:

okay. blogging because i am feeling so tired/frustrated/anxious. the last physics online assignment is too much to handle! i feel like throwing my laptop away. sigh. spent the whole night working on this and didnt gain much from it. there is no time left to study for the rest of my papers! God i need you!!! oh man. have to make more sacrifices. and more recently, my sleep! hmm.. starting to feel hungry. there is free ice cream in my fridge but i dont feel like eating it now. i think i should sleep now and wake up early to study tmr. wishing the physics module didn’t exist ):


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