feeling super ultra anxious now.examsss!!! need to distract myself from something! i have yet to do my laundry after many many days. washing in school helps to save money at home.haha. but i always procrastinate and by the time, it’s late afternoon and i fear that it will rain in the evenings. and it usually does. oh wells. maybe tmr morning.. if i wont oversleep again. overslept badly this morning. but the 10hr sleep was much needed. felt real energized this afternoon while doing my revision. so… i hope i can finish my revision in time.

everyone is talking about long weekends for the next 2 weeks, but I CANT ENJOY IT! boohoo ): i dont even know what holidays they are. like labor day and off in lieu for polling day? oh wells. labor labor labor it shall be for the next 2 weeks!

mutton murtabak

could use one of these prata things now. hahaha. below is the teh bing i mentioned before! (:

super thick teh bing!

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