late nights

the amount of work i did this weekend could have been done in a day. but i failed in sticking to my schedules. somehow schedules are not meant to be followed. so because of that i am feeling kinda down. digging deep to find that momentum for the next 7 days. i know if i dont watch myself i am going to have trouble sleeping, worrying unnecessarily etc again. sigh. need encouragement.

struggling particularly this weekend spiritually. just a bout of spiritual dryness. not good. feeling kinda torn because i dont really know what to do anymore. i feel tired.

i wish i could fly my stuff over to hall tmr morning so i dont have to lug it myself. i just want to be alone and study. i dont feel like interacting with people very much. haha. cuz i feel that i want to be left alone to my exams. not sure if that is the best way to deal with it. doubt so.. so many things i want to do after my exams. i just hope i am not too drained out by then (:

in other happy news, i had crabs for dinner today. so yummy ^^

monday: math and communication studies
tuesday: physics
wednesday: digital lifestyle
thursday: material science

tuesday: life science.


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