2 days to the first paper.dont even know why i am blogging when i should be studying. there must be something wrong with me.haha.but i decided to take a more chilled approach. i see almost everyone slogging it out. i dont know which is better. but after the short ordeal on wedesday night, i figured enough is enough. maybe i am weak that i cannot take stress. but i guess having that peace in God is far more important. if because of the exams i am not myself and feel so drained out and moody everyday, it is not worth it any longer. as long as i get enough rest to have a clear mind that i dont have a brain block during the paper, i am contented.

but in order to be practical, i guess revision wise.. i am 70% there. i havent exactly learnt the art of studying smart. but hopefully i’l get there soon. last stretch this weekend. i’ll take it one step at a time. on hindsight, i am also glad i started revision slightly earlier so that if anything last minute crops up, i still have some buffer. but anyway, i will just try my best and not put any unnecessary pressure on myself.

polling day tmr. im kinda excited. this election has got me rather interested in politics. interesting. but i feel kinda torn although i am not voting. i wonder what it is like for the ministers running for election. it probably isn’t an easy job.


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