beyond sian

i guess it’s true. i only blog when i am feeling down.

ugh. feeling all jumbly wumbly inside. feel tired. and i dont want to study for life science any more! although if i really study for it i might just have a chance to get an A. but it really does not interest me AT ALL. gosh. why why why. it’s so annoying. i rather have another physics paper than this life science paper. i have been slacking all night! what is wrong with me! i am sick of memorizing information that i do not understand. but if i dont study. i can only regret and blame myself after the paper. but yet, God is sovereign through it all. it’s so hard to surrender when i feel that i can only make it with my own abilities ): sigh sigh.

oh. random note. i realized i have to many ugly pictures of myself on facebook. darn.

OKAY. I NEED TO FINISH ONE ONLINE TUTORIAL BEFORE GOING TO BED IF NOT I WILL HATE MYSELF FOREVER! okay. and i am going to drive to church tomorrow!!! :O pray all goes well thanks. haha.especially parking. dont wnna go knocking people’s car thanks.

ohhhh. discovered diner dash game on facebook!! :O i love these kinda games. okay. bye


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