vegetable sushi!!!

 it’s from the organic place near my house. didnt use to like it. but it’s pretty nice. haha. tastes sweet cos of the carrots. although i generally dont like sweet stuff in my food this is more of a snack to me.

goofy? pluto?

new addition to the toy family! hoho. it’s actually A pluto. but i think i’ll be named goofy because i thought that was what it was at first.

one of the 3 ice cream cones i had last week

never really fancied vanilla cones. but because my friend Desmond eat then i eat also lor. haha.

awesome pink painted nails. wished they were true to this colour instead..

it takes skill to have well painted nails. yet to master how to paint well with my left hand. haha.

tom yum bee hoon. oh yeaaaaaaa. on a rainy day(:
why hello egg mcmuffin with hashbrown! awesomest combination

 my breakfast this morning.look at the cheeseeeeeee.

on with the packing process. but much because i was charging my phone in my neighbour’s room.

almost there..

the kettle that we only used last sem. because too lazy to boil water.

decided to throw away my JC notes i brought to hall a year ago. lol
cleaned out! except the tweety cup. fine, there's rubbish under my table. who cares
bed. nuff said.

julia's part of the room.wiped out. was super messy before.

our trusty clock. and julia's 8434240321 headbands.

loaded. haha. check out the shower basket! lol

yupp. so that’s about it. dead tired. so much for catching up on sleep after exams. never managed to watch a single episode of Family Guy tonight. BOO.


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