i is hungry!

decided to go to ntuc just now with my sister to buy a couple of stuff. we ended up with a bottle of cheese dip and one salsa dip. then we went hunting for the tortilla chips. found them in a tiny corner. haha. bernice is great at hunting out things. it was at the bottom rack and all the way inside. lol. cost me a bomb. okay. hope to eat them soon because i can feel a sorethroat coming. been spending money like free. now that school has ended, i am spending a lot more. not good.

my neck has been hurting for about a week. old injury sprain aggravated probably due to a wrong sleeping position.  ugh. dont really think a doctor can solve the problem either.

just watched 2 episodes of undercover boss. so interesting. the CEOs of huge companies go undercover and work at the ground level to find out more about what the employees are facing. also, modern family’s been hilarious.

oh yes. one more thing. went shopping with my JC friends on thurs. we were so ambitious to go to bugis AND town. it was walking non-stop.by the end of the day, my legs felt as tired as when in bangkok after a long day of walking. haha. alright. all i can think of now is eating. starving like mad. gnna sleep the hunger off. i need to get exercising. hopefully mt. faber tmr. hope my laziness doesnt get in the way.


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