it’s a monday.i woke up in the afternoon thanks. haha. seriously, my body clock is getting out of hand. but i slept later than usual yesterday due to a sudden bout of gastric ): i couldnt find any medication at the usual place where i keep them and i knew i couldnt find them in the usual medicine box because no one in my family has gastric so i didnt bother searching there. so i decided to sleep it away. but i couldnt take it. so i prayed and decided to search the house for it. lol. took a gamble and tried the usual medicine box and it was there. so thank God. if not, i was tempted to go drive out at 3am in the morning. but the thought of it was kinda scary. so yeaa.

bought a new jigsaw puzzle today!!! it’s 950 pieces. boo. wanted a 2000 piece one since we wanted to challenge ourselves after the 1000 piece one we did more than a year ago. but anywayy, it’s a panoramic one so yea. excited to fix it! went for some chinese massage today as well. and my neck feels better tho it was kinda painful at the shoulders cuz of the sprain. ^^

had baked chicken wings today. so so yumz. homemade somemore. slurpz.

onto online shopping. ordered something straight off a store’s website just now and i typed in the wrong mailing address :O hope they get my email to change it. zz. considering buying a baggubag now. hmm.. what colour should i getttt? decisions decisions. been spending lots of money recently ever since i stepped outta school. plus the jig saw puzzle cost me $146 today. $.$ and i wnna get Toms. ):


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