thought today was gnna be kinda boring. because i woke up around 2. yeaaa. hahaha. was having gastric again last night and my eczema was really getting quite bad. so i was scratching like crazy. so cut my nails to make it less worse. so i ended up sleeping real late

so yup. onto the small exciting stuff i did today. Aaron and i decided to start on the jigsaw puzzle today! yippie! real excited. haha. so we worked on it for around 2 hours. got the border done and sorted out most of the pieces. it’s fun cuz the whole puzzle is split into different sections kinda with different disney characters. so it’s not that difficult to sort them. haha. as compared to the whale one we did more than a year back. that was like blue all the way. haha. so yeapps. think maybe another 3-4 more sessions we cld be done ^^ looking forward to that. jigsaw puzzle is kinda fun but not when it’s kinda an expensive hobby.a puzzle including frame can like feed me for 2 weeks yo. haha. so yea. pictures next time!

did i mention that i dont have any more Modern Family episodes to watch ? ): season 3 is only gnna be out in fall. sobs. so right now, checking out undercover boss. not sure if i wnna go back to Gossip Girl. too much drama going on. not sure if i can take it. haha. so okay. i am supposed to go for some job training tomorrow. but not sure if i feel better tmr. not feeling very well now. but meeting CANoobs tmr for dinner as well. it’s in town. hope i dont spend so much money. hehe. still deciding what color Baggubag to buy…


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