busy day

think today was the busiest of my whole week. went for some job thing. hmm… not sure if taking up this job is a good idea. have to deal with brats. i mean kids. and mean parents. that is what i forsee. i hope i dont scream at the precious jewels of the parents. oh wells. since i have nothing to do might as well get a job. but the working hours are kinda crazy. not sure if i would like it. the training was really long and draggy. after that we were starving, so sharron and jolyn dragged me to swee choon. i was supposed to have dinner with my other friends! so yea. early dim sum pre dinner.

met Trackers friends at 313 somerset for Oriole cafe. had a good cup of coffee and a not so good salad. desserts were pretty good but i didnt really eat much. then after we parted i decided to roam about town for awhile. trying to stop myself from spending money. hmm.. just had a weird feeling seeing all these working adults walking around. haha. i am going to be one of them soon. or will i? haha. alright.

ive got quite a packed weekend. not really looking forward to it. running with sharron and jolyn tmr. gosh. it’s been SO SO SO long.

okay.i wnna watch Kungfu Panda 2. i almost typed Hello Panda. hahaha. alrights. till next time.


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