yay. the GSS is here! told myself i wouldnt buy anything today. went to Raffles City with Bernice before my dad’s company dinner. walked around and didnt plan to buy anything. BUT I DID. and no, it’s not some cheap less than $20 clothing. it’s a $80 blazer!! SOMEONE KILL ME. this is my first time spending so much on one piece of clothing. seriouslyyyyyyyy.and it wasnt on sale. the GSS is a scam!!!!!!!! feel so sad that i bought it. because Bernice kept asking me to buy it. like it’s some cheap $18 clothing. sob sob sob. i think julia will laugh at me for buying it. she will say i can find it one some blogshop for <$30. oh welllllllllllllllllllllllllls. this is bad. will wear it as much as possible. but yea. i kinda like that shop. STRADIVARIUS.COM. nice clothing.some stuff are reasonably priced while some arent. so yea. all in all, i am still feeling quite sad i made my purchase ):  i have a bad feeling about this GSS. think this is the first time i am so excited about it.saw a nice shade of m.a.c lipstick. i need my mommmmm to pay for my shopping. maybe i’ll make a list of damage done to my wallet. haha.

went for xlbs today with annette and tabs. it was a good time of catchup (: woo. nice food. i had fun. we shld do it more often girls! haha.

went for my dad’s company dinner. LOL. i just wish we had won something from the lucky draw. the top prize was $1000 cash! damnnn. some young girl won it. there was an ipad2 as well ): i never have such luck. haha.


2 thoughts on “GSS

  1. hahah you’re not alone on the lack of luck thing honey! + YES we must do this meeting up thing more often(:

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