a day off

OH GOSH. finnnnnaaaallllyyyy a break from work. 3 days straight is killing!!!!!!! standing up all day and being around kids is driving me nuts. worse thing is i end up talking like im talking to a child when i spoke to Aaron yesterday. seriouslyyyy. so anyway, with all the standing all day long, my legs really hurt. calves and soles of my feet. and the washing part after every teaching class is one of the things i dislike the most ): and washing detergent is really bad for your hands. and we usually have to spam it because there is usually butter involved.

i think i forgot to mention what i am working as/at. it’s a school/company that teaches kids how to bake. and they also conduct classes in community centers. so the past 3 days instead of staying at the center, i go out CCs to conduct baking classes. yup. can be fun and time passes real fast as compared to sitting in an office all day long. the kids can be real cute and adorable. but can be like little monsters as well. haha. and i think i am most helpless when it comes to crying kids. lol. yesterday one kid knocked her nose against the edge of a table and starting crying. i seriously didnt know what to do. but i just kinda bribed her by putting her cake in a box first. HAHA. we made ice cream on tuesday. real simple and easy. but the amount of coffee creamer powder we use is kinda scary. we also use fondant icing on cakes. one layer over the cake itself and the kids make fondant icing cutouts to paste on the cake. honestly sugar overload.i look at it and i cant imagine how they can eat so much sugar. haha. Always catch some of the kids licking the icing while making cutouts. so yea. no work next week. woohoo. back to my couch potato lifestyle!

watched x-men first class!! i am seriously a noob when it comes to these kinda movies. i dont know much about marvel comics (are they?) apart from the usual spiderman etc. so before the movie i thought this was a Wolverine part 2 kinda thing. so when i looked at the flyer i was wondering why are there so many weird people that dont look familar.only about 1/3 into the movie did i realize that this is X-men. like not wolverine. haha seriously pathetic. but i really enjoyed the movie a lot. i usually dont like to watch such action packed movies for some reason. occasionally is fine. but haha. the mutants were really cooooool. wheee. go watch it! i still want to catch kung fu panda 2 and hangover 2. no timeeeee!! oh. and i watched the tralier for monte carlo. haha. some girlie movie. I WANT TO WATCH THANKS!


AHHHHHHHHHH SO HAPPYYYY. MY PACKAGE FROM SIGMA HAS ARRIVEDDD. WOOOOHHHOZZZZZZZZZZZ. was just typing and my sister came back with a box for me. excitednesssssss. they’re makeup brushes. dont really have that much use for them yet but i thought it’ll be better to buy first? that kinda explains the amount of money i have been spending recently. BUT STILL, I AM HAPPYYYYYYYYY! <3<3<3 and xiao long bao tmr with my grandmother and cousins! get fat!!! life is gooooooooooooood.


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