why hello!

i am supposed to be sleeping now so i will not be late tmr. zz. but i just wanted to talk about todayyyy (: went for lunch at din tai fung. havebeen going to town pretty often recently. ordered like  ALOT. but i just ate a bit of everything so i wasnt that full. taopao-ed their fried rice for aaron and headed to his place. we had our 2nd session of jigsaw puzzle. AND GUESS WHAT. WE COMPLETED IT. wwwheeeeeeeeeeeee. it looks super pretty ^^ 950 pieces done! still cant believe we completed it within 2 sessions. roughly 5 hrs in total. haha. that is wayyyy too fast. i want to do another one! but they’re so expensive ): i guess we completed this pretty fast because there were many different individual pictures which were colourful so it was easy to differentiate them. yayyyy. i can now hang it in my room and admire it. whee!

oh. i bought timtams today! it’s the CRUSH version. had the honeycombs at home and i devoured them. so i decided to try the mint ones. yummy! but i think the fat content is reallllyyy high to the sky. haha. oh wells. seldom snack anyway. church camp on sunday!

on another random note(all my posts are in bits and pieces anyway), i keep remembering the recipes for the cakes i have been teaching how to bake the past few days. like how many grams of flour etc. feel like baking them. BUTTT. that also means washing up. SO NO WAY. haha. shall just wait till i conduct the classes and then bake extra to eat. noms. the vanilla cake we made that day was pretty fluffy. now i know how the batter should look like in order to make nice fluffy cakes. and the cake mixer really makes a huge difference.

attempted to curl my hair just now. total fail. my hair is uncurlable. haha. shall just be contented with straight hair. at least they are not frizzy or anything. okay. long day tmr bye!


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