pudding camera

click to view larger images. they’ve got pretty nice effects so click away! actually they’re mostly the same effects.

that’s just me playing away with my pudding app julia recommended. particularly like the 4 shot thing. haha. caught hangover II today. not as funny lehhh. boooo. a bit too crude for me also. i want to watch monte carlo! haha. typical chick flick ^^ so summer-y and everything. ate teochew porridge with aaron in the late afternoon. had 6 dishes. HAHA. almost 7 but decided not to. oh yes. i had a foot massage at causeway point. the masseuse could from massaging my foot that i have gastric problems. and there was this area where it really hurt when he rubbed it. i asked him why and he said it was my throat. kinda true because i have been having on off sorethroat recently.  pretty accurate i must say. or maybe it’s just wild guesses? haha. i had a bruise on my shin from the obstacle course during church camp. i didnt know it was there but the masseuse discovered it and started rubbing at it. gosh. it hurt so much. i was squirming so much and wanted to tell him to stop. he knew i was in pain but he said that he had to rub it. oooowwww… now the bruising has gotten worse but it’s normal. haha. he says if he doesnt rub it something will happen. cant remember what he said. haha.

so anyway, i checked my results this afternoon while on the bus. and i was pleasantly surprised. to be honest, i was afraid of being disappointed again like last semester. but this time, i am happy to say that i didnt have to go through that. from a GPA of 2.97, i got a 3.60, which to me is a great improvement. i am extremely thankful and touched. because to me, it is an assurance from God that He has not forgotten about me(trust me, at times i do feel that He has forgotten about this daughter of His. haha) and i can trust Him. tho i have a feeling i might still go back into worrying etc, i hope that this is a reminder of God’s love for me. it is a miracle that my physics improved from a D last sem to a B-. which to me is good enough. because i HATE PHYSICS!!!! yes. and i got an A for math:D although the subjects for next sem looks daunting to me (think circuit analysis, data structures and algorithms. like what is that?!??!) i will try my best to brave through them. hopefully make more friends as well. haha.

alright. trying to decide whether to go to sentosa tmr. hmmmmm….. been a long time. haha.


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