before the week starts again

just to sum up this weekend, Saturday morning/aftn was spent at the boy’s house because he is sick (sorethroat onlyyyy) hahaha. but yea. for once he listen to me and decided to give training a miss. wow. shockingggg. saturday night was spent at the boy’s hse agn but this time, with da whole crewwwww (yeah right) haha. had churchies over for ta pao-ed cze char and board games! it was fun! the guys stayed until 3am playing PSP tsk. which explains why aaron’s have a fever now. i blame all you guys! haha. kidding!

spent sunday afternoon roaming alone around lot1 and westmall after a nice lunch. fish soup noodles or fish noodle soup. haha. have been eating it since like primary 3 or something. no joke. and nice indian rojak. whee. went for a run in the evening. YAY TO AMELIA!!! back to the good old mt. faber after months once again. but even before i could start, i stepped into a whole lot of mud ): shoes and legs were covered in them. boo. but that did not stop me from conquering the mountain!!!!! lol. was pretty slow the whole way up. but down was a breeze. i was going so fast downhill that i thought i was going to seriously roll if i fell. scary because the slope was steep. so i feel really accomplished. i wnna attemp to run tmr morning before work. which means waking up at 630. but i just washed my shoes. hehehehe. excuses. work tmr. gg to 2 locations. making ice cream! haha. alright. i should be sleeping. goodbye!


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