of cookies and cakes

just thought i’ll sum up the past 3 days of working. i guess all in all, i need to learn to be more patient with the kids. but for those who are nothing but rude, i will show no mercy. to me, it just shows how well their parents bring them up. and yea, i need to conquer the fear of ovens. lol. slowly learning i guess.

monday was eventful, it was ice cream day. 2 sessions of ice cream making. we bring a batch of ice cream that has already been frozen overnight. the kids will then carry out step one, which is to mix all the ingredients tgt in a bowl and pour into a plastic container. then after ‘4hrs later’ we’ll bring out the frozen batch we brought for them to chop into pieces and then beat using the mixer. the frozen ice cream will then expand in volume somehow and then they can pour them into cups and bring them home to refreeze and eat. yes. that’s how we do it here. on monday, we placed tubs of liquid ice cream in cloth grocery bag and put them into the boot of the cab. sadly, one of the containers wasnt closed well. so when the cab made turns, it somehow toppled. and the whole boot was covered in chocolate ice cream. i was the first one who saw it when i was unloading the other boxes. i felt helpless :O was stunned for a moment. the first thought that came to me was to quickly remove the boxes and close the lid of the cab. but that wouldnt be logical as well. since he would eventually find out. lol. but anyway, before i could do that, the uncle came out, wanting to help us unload the boxes. and we had no choice but to tell him. HAHAH. he was super nice and wasnt angry. but then it came to a point when we were thinking how to clean up?!?!?!?! tissues? it would take forever! then something miraculous happened. to me at least. there was a gardener with a hose nearby watering plants so thankfully we could borrow his hose and rinse the mats. haha. we felt so so bad. but yea. it was kinda eventful and funny to me at least. lol.

made cakes and fruit tarts on tuesday. it involved A LOT OF WHIPPED CREAM. i ended up playing with whipped cream during cleaning up. fun! but thinking about the amout of whipped cream the kids are gnna end up eating kinda scares me. and by tuesday, i was already dead tired ): my legs hurt from the long hours of standing.

wednesday was kinda bad too. i was assigned to stay in the centre): to deal with a day of kids. usually, i go out to CCs to conduct baking lessons. so even if they annoy me to no end, i dont have to see them after 2 hrs. but this was a good 6 hours straight): i had even lesser breaks. wait. i barely had any. i dont remember sitting down for even 10 mins. when i had my lunch with the kids, i was standing up eating my sad little bowl of maccaroni. haha. i think a few kids even ate more servings than me. was super exhausted by the end of the day. but went for dinner with joln and sharron at BarBar black sheep along bukit timah. pretty yummy, but i was already starving by the time we reached there plus it was free seating. so from hungry become not hungry already ):

gave Food for Thought at North Bridge Road a try yesterday. i would say it is good. cosy place and nice food. there was even christian music playing at the backgroud. it was a good time of catching up with YuHui (: good times. i finally tried pulled pork sandwich and also had salad with potatoes and bacon.

Dim Sum with cousins and grandmother this morning at Red Star. i remembered it being a lot nicer when i ate there years and years ago.but it still is kinda old school with the waitresses pushing the food around in trolleys. oh wells. my grandmother’s health isnt doing very well recently. i am guessing she’ll be making less of my favourite food. which is abacus yam btw. super yums.

anyway, feeling really sleeping now. could use a cup of coffee.


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