been enjoying myself the past 2 days(:

work tmr. DREADDDDDD. hope to survive. time to go to bed soon. need to go find my work uniform, which by the way is a XS polo t-shirt that continued to shrink after wash. so u can imagine how small, short it is. how to even look presentable for work?!?! so yea. most of us wear a tank top inside. oh wells. last week of baking and washing!


ok. just one photo. food aaron and i had at sushi tei. it wasnt like WOW fantastic. shrugs. i think my uncle can cook better lor. haha. maybe it’s just my taste buds. like for the tofu, i prefer my sauce to be a little saltier.dont really like sweet stuff. and the garlic rice, my uncle makes SUPER fragrant fried rice with just egg and cabbage or something. this was kinda bland. i can eat a huge bowl of it if my uncle cooked it. but anyway, at least i get to eat sashimi because my mom doesnt allow me to eat. and the dumplings was kinda cool because they give u white vinegar instead of the usual black ones.

cooked breakfast today. lol. had mushroom potage soup, spicy pork sausage, bacon and an omelette that FAILED. in my opinion. i need to master this whole omelette thing. prob too many ingredients. but all in all, TOO. MUCH.SODIUM. as you can very well imagine went to the pool wanting to swim but my magazine took me away for a good hr. it was nice lounging in the breezy evening by the pool. but when i wanted to swim, the water was super cold as it had turned dark so i managed a few laps. too little exercise.

watched X-men (the first one) today on the ipad. so super naiseeee. now i kinda like x-men. so cool. i wish i were a mutant. haha. i think if i could choose one i want to be mystique. haha. so i can pretend to be someone else! like morph (is that what you call it?) into the president or something. HAHA. okay. time to sleep. i joined this contest to win 365 sticks of magnum ice cream. i hope i win. HAHAHAHHAA.


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