quick rant

it’s my last day of work tmr!!! yayy! but it’s gnna be the craziest day of work for all of us.

20 kids a session is no joke

i have to bake 20 cakes tmr. this is no laughing matter. u might think. oh 20 cakes. no biggie.just stuff them into an oven. BUT IT IS! i dont like the thought of the oven at all ): that’s why i rather make ice cream more than anything else. and there’s only 2 of us to manage 20 monsters! usually they’re 3. and they will some videography at the CC. great. i have to wear my tiny uniform to work. it’s length is currently at my belly button. it shrank a little more. haha. gnna be so tired because after work i am staying over in church. but it’s gnna be so fun! i cant wait. woohoo. i was late for work today. supposed to report to work at 930 but i woke up at 930 ): sobs. had to end up cabbing to work in the end. oh wells.

had dinner at Food for Thought today. i really enjoyed it. partly because it is a christian run cafe and they play christian songs in the background. also, they serve pretty decent food. and desserts. my fav was the brownie in a cup. so yummy! but i think i can feel  a sorethroat coming. haha. alright. i think i better go rest soon if not i will be late for work again! gnna be a fun weekend!!!




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