Sunday afternoon

drove from church to Frolick to get ma redbull smoothiee!! yumz. the weather was so hot! and yea. today my skin was kinda bad in the morning so i decided to make a mask! haha. oat with plain yogurt and some milk. learned it on youtube. hahaha. quite effective. makes your skin glow a little ^^

decided to go to Teen Challenge to watch the boys play soccer. haha. they won 4-1! haha. i thought they won 2-0.. apparently i didnt see the other 2 goals. hahaha. but yea. the weather wasnt too hot so it was fine.

going shopping tmr! gnna check out the new F21 at Orchard Exchange!


2 thoughts on “Sunday afternoon

  1. I WANNA CHECK IT OUT TOO! hahah, went in there last week with cass for a while. it’s HUUUUGE. i’m not even kidding. we got lost in there and couldn’t find each other. we had to call each other. HAHAHA.

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