Tissue prata! One of those nights I had dinner and supper within a spanish of 2 hrs

20110628-013019.jpgjolyn’s mushroom cheese prata.felt it was too salty.prefer gombak’s one or the one at jln remaja
20110628-013025.jpgbreakfast with jolyn before combination everrrr!

20110628-013031.jpgon my last day of work.fluffy cakes!just out of the oven.they’re bunny mould btw.haha

20110628-013039.jpgearly dinner yesterday with jolyn and sharron at a Thai eating place bear Bugis.I ordered Thai iced milk tea!miss drinking it in bangkok!

20110628-013045.jpghad ice cream at Tom’a palette which is just opposite the Thai eatery.VERY NICE ICE CREAM.stomach was feeling super full from dinner but we just had to squeeze in space for the ice cream.SUPER YUMMY.I think it’s one of the best ice cream I’ve tasted.serious.better than island brown one is called Granny’s favourite.which is chocolate, malt and cookie dough.and whitish one is salted caramel.equal balance salty and sweet unlike the others that I’ve tried before.the staff are nice and they don’t judge you for tasting almost every single flavor! 10% student discount never hurt anyone(: ok.I totally gave a food review on Tom’s palette.they’ve got many other great flavors as well(: go tryyyyy! Ok.I realized I didn’t give the address.if I am not wrong it is Shaw Centers/Towers.just not the one in town.walking distance from Bugis Mrt.

Now onto the Thai’s called Ah Loy’s.pretty reasonable priced food.$30 for 5 dishes shared among 3 ppl.but kinda bad service.they were pretty inflexible if u get what I mean.yea.but the food was SUPERRRRRR spicy.talking about it now makes me salivate.haha.less than 5 mins into eating and we were was like serious burning in your was pretty alright(: will go back(:

Super hungry now.talking about food.I had the most expensive yong Tao foo yesterday while eating at Food Republic.$7.I got a shock!seriously!maybe I picked too many pieces..):

Okay.pretty long post.need to decide what to do for the rest of the afternoon.bye!


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