so yesterday i went shopping with jolyn and sharron. haha. i keep going out with them these few weeks. haha. first stop was the new F21 at orchard exchange. it’s pretty huge i would say. but i didnt buy anything from there. surprising. not even a  pair of earrings. they have nice earrings. haha. they’re clothes are a little too floral this season. like flowers everywherreeeeee!!!!! so yea. we were on a mission instead to help Sharron find a wedding dinner outfit. and she ended up choosing a blouse that i picked for her! haha. success!  they’re giving out this pouch as a free gift now tho. just have to fill in a form. free stuff yo! haha. not very nice la.but better than nothing. then we headed to fareast. bought a demin shirt. been looking for that. most fareast stuff can be found online. except their shoes. pretty affordable.

after dinner we headed to bugis street. was close to buying this pair of wedges/booties. they’re really common but i was looking for those kind. and im sure they were the cheapest around. like $24? but decided not to.shrugs. save money $$!

think our last stop was at Fox. Fox’s stuff are good only when they are having sale. otherwise, dont bother. their jeans are going at 40% off. pretty good price i would say. and the quality is quite good. buy 3 pieces and get additional 10% off. pretty good deal i would say.  helped sharron pick up a pair of jeans(:

contemplated tau huay. u see, sharron and jolyn are pretty avid tau huay fans. esp sharron. that day she had one cup of grass jelly drink, one tau huay and ta pao-ed one cup of soya bean milk. and she normally doesnt even eat much. haha. but anyway, this sharron wanted us to WALK to the tau huay place at dhoby ghaut from bugis saying it was near. NO WAY! she is mad. so yea. headed home instead (:

Paradise Dynasty with my grandmother, mom and uncle who just came back from Aust tmr! FOOOODDDD! if only i could follow my uncle back to aust for a couple of days like my mom suggested ): But they are not free to host me. sob sob sob. unwanted. i want a holiday!


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