somehow it always seems that i am in the pool forever when it’s only been 20mins. wonder why.

need to figure out a more hardcore exercise regime! why does it seems so easy to exercise in the past? lol. i think i am used to having fixed trainings that i am obligated to attend which makes me train/exercise. but when given a choice when i exercise on my own, i usually end up being lazy and compromise!  this bad! i hope to pay a visit to the gym tmr. been swimming because i am too lazy to sweat!

had lunch today with my uncle who came back from aust to pay a visit to my grandmother who isnt doing very well now. we ate at Paradise Dynasty. yummy marble beef sze chuan noodles. so yums. but think 2 small bowls is just nice rather than have the whole bowl to myself. i think that’s the best food item there. the rest are kinda meh-ish because i will alws compare it to Din Tai Fung. but i suppose they’re different types of chinese cuisine. I LOVE FOOD period.


ran some errands back at chinatown. and went to visit my cousin pearl who is working at Marble Slab creamery at Central.i had ice cream tho i didnt feel like it. it’s rather expensive lor! 😡 but yea. i think it was a bit too melted. just a shout out to those interested! they’re having ONE-FOR-ONE milkshakes this Sunday!!!!! yea. im not a fan of milkshakes tho. cuz in my mind they’re full of fats. but i saw them making them. i think it’s like 3 scoops of ice cream and milk? not sure.

i attempted to make Hard Rock Cafe’s version of nachos. LOL. fail. i love hard rock cafe’s nachos! they have so much going on in there! besides the usual tortilla chips, they have jalapenos, olives, tomatoes, cheese, meat and sour cream. SO SO SO awesome. so i attempted to make using roasted chicken, salsa and cheese (the Mexican spicy type) added morezella and toasted it on aluminum foil. pretty yums but cannot be compared to HRC’s me thinks we need olives! i ❤ olives. okay. update soon!




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