right now, it’s late at night and i tend to think a lot at night. it’s when the worry starts to creep in.

trying to plan my timetable right now for next sem and it’s not fun at all. it goes back to the whole ‘why am i studying here’ thing. is this what i really want to do in the future? it’s sad. but i think right now i just have to suck it up and do what i have to do. actually, i feel sad also because i realize i have no one to plan my timetable with. it’s really pathetic and the thought of it makes me feel… sad? yea. i can only think of this word now. i feel lonelyy. why am i so unappreciative of the things God has done for me last sem. have i forgotten the assurance that i felt?why dont you ever learn your lesson? ):

i shall try to be positive.


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